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Brought on board to helm the transition of bringing creative entirely in-house. Within the first year, I lead the company’s full re-branding, and built a new set of brand guidelines. I rewrote the content for the company’s various brochures and web with a fresh, up-to-date voice that better reflected the schools’ culture, and was truer to the actual student experience. I assisted in the launch of new schools, including an school for elite athletes, and two Canadian schools in Italy, where I traveled to liaise with the Italian agency handling the ad buys. 
As Creative Director, I was responsible to every bit of creative that left the door, and worked with a team of four to make sure all deadlines were met and standards adhered to. I also identified and marketed to new audiences through a number of different channels, including a magazine aimed at, and written by, actual students, billboards, takeovers of GO and TTC subway stations, social media content, and promotional videos shown in OHL arenas during games. In my final months, I was solely responsible for the name, brand, graphics, and launch campaign for a new online school geared to students struggling with learning from home during the pandemic.

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